Chocolate shock!

This blog is dedicated to my current preoccupation with browns, and my ongoing love affair with all Simple Moderne punk fashions, as usual!

Brown, specifically a rich chocolate brown, otherwise know in the SM catalog as Chocolate Shock, Cappuccino Shot, Coffee Beans, Coffee Shot, etc, is my favorite accent color these days, and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in conventional stores.

Go ahead and look for it. I'll wait..............................................

Luckily, Simple Moderne, always on the cutting edge of things, has a few chocolaty-brown items ahead of the crowd. Another interesting thing, I can't speak for every brown piece they carry, but all the pieces I have are the same shade of brown which makes accessorizing really convenient too.

Coordinating color is hard, that's why we love black so much. Besides being the sexiest color (or un-color) on the spectrum, it's pretty effortless. A great thing about Simple Moderne styles, in all of their classic blacks or colors, is that you can make so many outfits with just a few pieces. I've put together some pieces, new and old, in blacks and browns for some examples. Some are sold out, or just no longer available in the featured color, but there will be links to those still available.

If you're interested in any of their gorgeously elusive brown things, you should snap them up ASAP because, like all Simple Moderne selections, they are limited editions. This cuts way down on the chance that any two of us will show up at a party wearing the same thing!  If you miss something, don't worry, it's happened to me occasionally. There are always new, equally compelling selections on the way. You will never be bored or sad for long.

So, on to the mixes and matches

I ordered this long mocha tee a while ago. It goes perfectly with my Vintage Punk Comfy Harem Pants. This is an easy combination in lighter fabrics, perfect for warmer weather, but I still wear them in February, because it's not illegal. I can throw on my Cotton Punk Irregular Loose Fit Jacket and top it off with my Modern Punk Geo Necklace in black. Shoes optional. (Other punk accessories in this photo include a punk icon and a punk kid.) 

My favorite piece right now is the Simple Moderne Meilute Pleated Pullover in Coffee Shot, also available in Office Black. I love it so hard, I featured it in two different outfits. The first is with brown tights, black boots and my Modern Punk Geo Necklace. I was so excited I forgot to put on pants, but the Simple Moderne Casual Minimal Goth Shorts would be perfect! The second is, again, with my very versatile Vintage Punk Comfy Harem Pants. (I loved them so much I bought 2 pairs.) (Seriously.)

My second favorite Simple Moderne piece is the Miss Office Punk Irregular Design Capri Pants. I absolutely LOVE the design of these. The fabric is heavy enough to upholster a chair, but with a velvety soft feel. Better for cooler weather. Unfortunately they are no longer available in Chocolate Shock but still available in Office Black. The other items and accessories are from my own wardrobe. So many possibilities!

Some other highly recommended SM chocolaty favorites, still in stock at the posting of this blog, include the Simple Moderne Fedora in Cappuccino Shot, Simple Moderne Maxi Pin Belted Caramel Bag and the Simple Moderne Lace Overlay Skirt in Coffee Beans or Goth Black.

featured & recommended pieces

Simple Moderne Meilute Pleated Pullover

Simple Moderne Fedora Cappuccino Shot

Lazy Keep Warm Light Punky Pullover

Cotton Punk Irregular Loose Fit Jacket

Moderne Punk Geo Necklace

Vintage Punk Comfy Harem Pants

Miss Office Punk Irregular Design Capri Pants

Simple Moderne Maxi Pin Belted Caramel Bag

Simple Moderne Casual Minimal Goth Shorts

Credits:  Roxanne Paquette for the photos.


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  • Kat Noir Leather: March 10, 2020
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    Nicely done Rachel—- she also make a great model!

  • Deanna : February 16, 2020
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    How cool Rachel!!! Your distinct style !!

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