Casual Minimal Goth Layered Tulle Skirt-SimpleModerne
Casual Minimal Goth Layered Tulle Skirt-SimpleModerne



It all started with Boho-Punk Harem Pants

Since 2016, our original bohemian pants have been a smashing success. With a punky harem design and buckle closure, many customers in Europe, UK, US & Australia appreciated the alternative look. Our signature  Bohemian Pants have since become a best-seller and a symbol of the Simple Moderne brand. What began as an experiment eventually became a full-time job. I'm Sandra, the owner, stylist, and often model for Simple Moderne. 


 With a background in industrial design and years of experience, back in 2016, I have decided to pursue my passion for alternative fashion by launching an online store. It has been a thrilling journey and I can honestly look back on this decision as one of the best of my life.

Since then, Simple Moderne has received over 23,000 orders and over 10,000 active customers, with a return customer rate of more than 50%. This data is the real life result of the quality of our products and services.

Punky, Gothy, Vintage & Boho Mix

At Simple Moderne, we aim to offer a variety of eclectic styles inspired by gothic, punk, and vintage aesthetics, allowing customers to add an edgy tint to their everyday looks for any occasion.

Our collections embody flattering silhouettes and striking details like plaid panels and contrast stitching that can be mixed and matched to create a timeless wardrobe.

Small & Independent

 Our products are crafted with care in limited amounts; we partner with independent designers and makers to bring our distinct collections to life. Our products are brought to life in Europe and East Asia and are rigorously checked for quality in the Netherlands by our own team.

I personally test every piece we receive to ensure I would wear it myself and give approval only when I am satisfied with the quality and fit.

Simple Moderne strives to provide alternatives to mass-production with a commitment to quality while also backing small businesses struggling in a very competitive market.

With our best sellers regularly restocked, the rest of our selection is comprised of unique pieces mainly from producers trial runs. This way, our customers can be sure to own one-of-a-kind items not found anywhere else.

 Fashion that knows no age or season

Alternative Simple Moderne styles have no boundaries when it comes to age or time of year. Our items are designed to be easily blended and matched together for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Bring together any two pieces from our range and you will find the material and patterns naturally complement each other.

Choose your unique style and shop with assurance - your order is packed with care and shipped through our reliable partners. Plus, the garments you receive are built to last multiple seasons.

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