Simple Moderne is a Netherlands based clothing brand offering a fusion of goth & punk styles for casual wear.

Established in 2016, Simple Moderne is setting the style in alternative fashion, bringing it down to daily, comfortable yet trendy wear.

We partner with international clothing & accesorry designers/manufacturers to compile our unique collections.

We handpick every single piece to make sure it matches our concept and defined quality standards.


We do not claim to represent goth or punk fashion as such, but rather choose pieces inspired by bold & RAD attitudes, bringing it down to everyday attire, loved by virtually anyone who is looking to add some funk to their casual wear.
Most of our items are unique irregular designs & cuts with mostly a rough finish, to add to your punky flavor.

Small & Independent

Small & Independent

Simple Moderne supports small independent designers & manufacturers. Most of our designs are produced in small, handpicked batches from across the globe.

Your items might need longer processing time, but we promise that it will be worth the wait!

Our models

Our models

We display our beautiful styles by non professional, regularly shaped models, communicating the look and feel of our punky & gothy styles to anyone who wishes to add a dash of attitude to their daily wardrobe.

Private on site shopping in the Netherlands

Private on site shopping in the Netherlands

Welcome to our creative studio in Alkmaar, Holland's beautiful and famous cheese city. Located on the outskirts, this is where we do photoshoots, establish collections and finally pack your lovely items for shipping. As a plus and only for returning customers, we also offer an exclusive private shopping experience:

Sign up and check our latest and/or most adorned pieces on site. You may test new items yet to be published or check our outlet for your all time favorites.

As our esteemed relation, we cordially invite you to plan your exclusive and private Simple Moderne shopping experience.

Book now and visit us, coffee, tea and bubbles await you!

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Simple Moderne

Otterkoog 93C

1822BX Alkmaar

The Netherlands

Tel: +31727854787


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