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Article: Oversize is the new chic!

Oversize is the new chic!

Oversize is the new chic!

Oversize is the new chic

We're ready for a break. If all the relentless emphasis on the figure, throughout history, has only asked "What do YOU think?" or "Does this make my butt look big?" Oversized fashion says things like "So what." or "None of your business." 

There is something defiantly cozy about full coverage. Instead of stripping down, we are covering up to exercise some mystery and discretion. We now have a secret. Maybe even a secret weapon, but it's not for everybody. This is what makes oversized fashion so playful and fun.

One woman, in particular, has unintentionally pioneered the oversized fashion craze, by simply being her authentic self. That woman is the new mod-punk princess, and baby revolutionary, Billie Eilish! Oversize has been her signature style since the day she burst onto the music scene so defiantly. How dare she think she could seduce the world and still keep her body to herself, but that's exactly what she did! Whether she intended it or not, this was a powerful image, and a powerful message. It turns out, there is more to appeal and sensuality than meets the eye. We are more than bodies, we are magic! Who knew?

Now that we know, let's test that premise! The best thing about oversize is not just how it looks, but how it feels! It provides privacy and security while generating a certain mystique. And let's be honest, just like bad hair days, some body days are better than others. We don't have to love our body every day to be a gorgeous force of nature every day, and we shouldn't be relying on it anyway, so let's give it a break! No more throwing on an XL men's tee and baggy zip-up hoodie, it's a new day. We now have available to us some very sleek and stylish alternatives to choose from, so easy and sexy, you'll probably want to wear them on good body days too!

For instance...

Check out the Urban Meets Urban Relaxed Fit Set! Emphasis on 'relaxed.' Who wants to stay in pajamas all day when there is this option? Looks like you made an effort, even if you didn't. A little red lipstick and mascara and you are Zoom ready!

If you're feeling a little dressier, check out the Jazz Up Punk Style Dress! How can something so comfortable be so sexy? Maybe it's the zippers on both sides that open up to reveal some sheer, pleated chiffon plumage! Unzip a little, or all the way, for a tiny peek of cute boy short. Perfect spring/summer wear!

Speaking of plumage, the Casual Punk Oversized Hooded Dress Shirt is not your grandma's house coat! This is some FULL ON HOUSE GLAM to layer over anything, maybe something black? Or jeans. Or pajamas.. you get the idea. It will transform anything with no effort at all, and it is every bit as fabulous outside the house as inside, when the time is right.

For more punky lounge set possibilities, try out the Urban Meets Urban Punky Lounge Set! Bring the street to any setting with this jet set! Yesterday's sweat shirt and sweat pants never had this much attitude. As with all sets, you get two for one, so you can mix and match with other sets or individual pieces to make your own fashion statements. 

Notice in these 4 examples, "oversize" has not been mentioned once. Ok, it was mentioned once, but the point is, that it is not the predominant feature in any of these options, the predominant feature is just incredible style, so much so, that you barely notice that every one of these selections are oversized for your comfort! I do believe we've figured it out!

Enjoy your space.

Enjoy your life. 

Treat yourself gently, and dare to express yourself creatively, every day, not just for yourself, but for others. 

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