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Article: Five Maxi Shirt Ideas that We Love

Five Maxi Shirt Ideas that We Love

Five Maxi Shirt Ideas that We Love

1. Trendy prints

Playful and inspiring maxi shirts that feature trendy prints. Go for colorful flower power prints for more bohemian styles, or choose punky graphical prints to light up monochrome attire. Do not overdose! The golden rule is - have only one piece that stands out. If you add too much colors or if every piece has a print, you might get dizzy with all the eye-candy going on!
We go for a #punkylook with our new favorite piece - Urban Meets Urban The Newspaper Trend Maxi Shirt.  This relaxed fit, button closure, full length sleeve shirt shows a trendy vintage newspaper print. We styled this lovely staple piece with Simple Moderne Street Punk Harem Pants and our mini Urban Meets Urban Bag.

Simple Moderne Maxi Shirt Ideas Blog Post


This style will go well with chunky booties, sandals, or sneakers. The oversize print shirt can also be worn as a dress-shirt on its own, as a light spring/summer coat or layered with your favorite jacket or gilet.

2. Irregular Shapes

Add some funk to your style by choosing maxi shirts with irregular cuts/shapes. For this style we have selected our new relaxed fit Urban Meets Urban Jazz Up Maxi Shirt with asymmetrical front closure, a one-sided print and wide three-quarter length sleeves. This maxi shirt is basic yet edgy that will make your style pop out!

This shirt will look great with chunky accessories, especially arm bracelets. The three-quarter sleeves will show just the right amount of your favorite add-on. For a little extra edge, add a matching color scarf and a comfy shopper bag. We highly recommend finishing with a skinny bottom look (leggings or jeans) for a balanced style. Too many baggy layers may cause overkill, less is still more.

3. Element of Surprise

 Our Romantic Punk Oversized Shirt may look like a regular relaxed fit piece, it certainly has some more tricks up its sleeves. Maxi length, regular button closure shirt with full length sleeves, two external pockets and turn-down collar - this is what you see from the front. The back is furnished with a lovely lace decoration that creates a subtle chic look you would not expect at first.

4. Dress-Shirts

 Most of the maxi shirts can be also worn on their own as dresses. Depending on their length and fit dress-shirts can be styled with various belts. 
Our Simple Moderne Jazz Up Irregular Design Dress Shirt is an intricate yet incredibly comfortable statement piece made from a breathable and soft cotton and polyester blend fabric. The material used guarantees wash and wear resilience while ensuring this piece will retain its flowy construction and intricate print through time. A perfect choice to spice up your basic wardrobe and add chic to your life.

To style this lovely piece we have added our favorite chic pieces Maxi Booties and mini bag. 


5. Maximum Punk

Rock and roll your punky style with our Maxi Punk Shirt featuring vintage wash denim patches combines with a classical block pattern and punky loop rivets for maximum attitude & punkyness.

This maxi shirt has it all and can perfectly become a center piece of your style. To add even more edge we recommend paring this up with our Casual Punk Rivet Leggings


There is more than just one way to style any item and our featured maxi shirts can serve as perfect example for this statement. Maxi shirts are ageless and can be worn in all kinds of seasons with a little adjustment. Wear your maxi shirt on its own, combine with your skinny bottoms, wrap yourself in instead of the coat or layer it up under or over other pieces.
We that we provide with so much needed inspiration to bring some fun into your wardrobe. 
Credits: all style recommendations and photos are the property of Simple Moderne and cannot be used/copied without prior permission.
All featured products can be found in the collection listed below this blog post!
Stay positive - #staypunky

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