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Article: Layer Up With Simple Moderne

Layer Up With Simple Moderne

Layer Up With Simple Moderne

It’s Time to Layer Up!

Most people associate adding layers to outfits with winter and autumn. But adding layers is a perfect thing to do for all seasons.

At Simple Moderne, we offer punk style, casual style, and lots of oversize style layers that are great pieces to layer with. They are perfect for staying warm in the winter. But you can really wear layers any time of year to create interesting looks.

Why Add Layers?

Experimenting with different layers can update and change your look. With Simple Moderne’s trendy style pieces, you can create punky style layered looks that will give you distinctive silhouettes.

Layering up with some of our trendy new arrivals:

  • Allows you to create an original and flattering shape.
  • Lets you hide or emphasise what you wish.
  • Makes it easy to create a whole new look by mixing and matching your favourite pieces.
  • Gives you simple colours to create a cohesive outfit. You can never go wrong if you layer with black!
  • Presents a stylish way to change up your outfits no matter what season it is.

Using Layers to Create a Flattering Shape

Depending on how you want to change your look, there are so many different types of layers that you can choose. For example, you could create an intriguing silhouette with an oversize style shirt.

You could:

  • Leave the oversize shirt open to create unique dimensions with a crop or tank top beneath it.
  • Add a belt on the outside of the layer at waist-level to cinch it and create an hourglass figure.
  • Button up the shirt to stay warm or make a whole new look.

You can also put a maxi dress layer on top of other articles of clothing. This will draw more interest to your outfit by using contrasting textures on your clothing fabric.

Hide or Emphasise What You Want With Layers

You can mix & match several different clothing articles to highlight or cover up different parts of the body. Maxi shirts or cardigans are great for this. Adding belts or strategic comfy wear to your outfit can completely change the effect of your look.

Layers add a unique level of detail and attention to your outfit. So in addition to hiding or emphasising parts of your body, you can also turn items into entirely new-looking pieces. For example, if you have a tank top, you can throw a casual style cardigan or stylish layer on top to give your outfit long sleeves.

Make a New Look By Mixing and Matching

Our pieces at Simple Moderne are perfect for incorporating into your casual style wardrobe. You can mix our new arrivals with pieces that you already have in your closet to create entirely innovative and stunning outfits.

Mix & match everyday pieces with some of our more intricate ones to steal the scene with a striking fashion look.

Create a Cohesive Outfit With Simple Colours

At Simple Moderne, we curate several goth-style and punk style pieces. The best news is that all of our items either are black, or they go really well with black. You can always make sure that you have a well-unified outfit by choosing black layers or base pieces for your look.

Black & white are excellent foundation colours for any look. And they’ll go really well with reds, animal prints, and just about any other types of articles that you could add into your outfit for a unified look.

Choose Your Layers Based on the Season

Layering really isn’t just for the colder seasons. For warmer seasons, you can choose layers made of a lighter material. Our maxi print shirts are a perfect option for this.

During the colder seasons, you can go with bulkier or more knit layers. And you can choose oversize style coats and cardigans to add even more dimensions to your outfit than you would in the spring or summer.

Inspiration from Our New Arrivals

We’ve selected some stunning inspiration from our pieces at Simple Moderne. Take a look at how these outfits work together to become a cohesive look.

Black & White Layers


This is an easy-to-create look that uses simple black & white colour choices to make a stunning and put-together outfit. In this image, there are a ton of options that you could layer onto this outfit to make it so much more unique and exciting.

The model is wearing a loose fit sleeveless tee. It gives a stylish necklace and matches with our favorite NY gypsy harem pants to create a very jumpsuit-like look. As an outer layer, the model has on a maxi oversize style white shirt to contrast with the black layers beneath.

To add some more texture into the outfit, you could add the basic pleated turtleneck pullover on top. And to really pump up your layers, you could add a sleek mini clasp bag as the final part of your look.

Maxi Dress Shirt & Skirt Layers


In this look, we’re featuring our unique new arrival. It’s an asymmetrical dress shirt that is layered on top of a polka dot dress shirt. This duo is bound to make your fashion look really stand out.

Looking to cinch the waist to create a different shape? You can tune-up this unique silhouette by layering our trendy rivet punk belt at your waist. To finish off the look, you can add the model’s chunky shopper bag which matches really nicely with the entire outfit.

Printed Layers

Choose unique print shirts or an oversize maxi item such as our leopard print layer. They go really well over any basic colour outfit. You can accessorize by layering on different types of patterns and accessories to create even more interest in the look.

We recommend the look created from  our laced up punky shirt, comfy fit harem pants & vintage finish mini bag.

This is an outstanding example of how you can add layers in all kinds seasons. You could change harems with shorts or mini skirt and the log sleeved shirt nti a basic T-shirt and enjoy the summary layered look!

Shop Layers to Mix & Match at Simple Moderne

You can order our unique pieces directly from our site. We curate only the most stylish and exclusive articles from small-scale designers. If you’re looking to add interesting pieces to your closet that no one else will have, Simple Moderne is perfect!

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