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Article: Simple Moderne Lite

Simple Moderne Lite

Simple Moderne Lite

SM Lite Edition (for Summer!)

It’s time to shed some layers and welcome some light and heat, finally, which means shorter sleeves, higher hems, and lighter fabrics! Even goths are looking forward to the sun this year, and SM’s got some great summer blacks just for them! One example is the Simple Moderne Office Punk T-Shirt.

It has a loose fit that hangs really well, with asymmetrical large grommet details creating a mod-industrial feel. Even the back is interesting with a subtly cut-in angular design. Many SM fashions have something interesting happening from every angle, and this attention to detail is what makes them so unique.  

For a minimalist look, I eliminate most jewelry, or sometimes all. When there’s a lot going on with the clothes themselves, I don’t accessorize too much, or it may end up looking like an unfocused bombardment of competing elements. When I get dressed, the thing I think about first is where I want the focus to be, and the rest of the outfit basically falls around that. SM styles can be utilized in so many different ways, it’s really fun to play around and mix and match.

The Simple Moderne Amsterdam Punk Loose Fit Jumpsuit (FAVORITE!)

Sometimes a piece of clothing is the focus of an outfit, or an accessory, or some amazing shoes, or maybe just you! Sometimes you are the focus, (yikes,) as in the next featured piece, the Simple Moderne Amsterdam Punk Loose Fit Jumpsuit.

How can something so ‘plain’ have so much style? I don’t know, it just does. I’m wearing it with nothing else to complicate the look, (besides my kid's fat head,) not even shoes. It does all the work. Just give your hair some extra attention, and maybe your nails, and you’re done, although this extremely versatile piece can be dressed up as well. Punk it up with the Simple Moderne Casual Minimal Goth Chunky Necklace, the Simple Moderne Rivet Punk Gloves. When you’re ready to go, throw on some chunky platforms, and your Punk Bear Backpack!

This piece has become my new Simple Moderne favorite! I wish it came in every color. Did I mention it is really comfortable too?

 Darte Light Harem Pants and Simple Moderne T-shirt

 I’m loving the Darte Light Harem Pants even more than I thought I would. Emphasis on the “light.” When I ordered them, I wasn’t sure if they would be suitable for summer but these are great for warmer weather, lightweight and very roomy.  Here I paired them with a white Simple Moderne T-shirt for a sleeker look. This shirt is designed to be tucked in on one side for a drapey effect. Before I knew this, I wondered why it had an extra bit of material on the bottom. Luckily, the SM team set me straight! I’m much happier now. LOL. These designers really know what they’re doing!


Miss Office Punk Tulle Overlay T-shirt

 Expect the unexpected! This Punk Tulle Overlay T-shirt, pictured here with the Vintage Punk Comfy Harem Pants is good at making itself the center of attention. Tulle on a t-shirt? How does that work? It just does. A bit of casual and a bit of romance can’t be a bad thing. I love it in the gray, but it also comes in black, or white. (we're still doing masks here, so might as well do it with style!)

I wish I could report on washing, but I have not yet washed mine. Most SM designs are pretty durable, but I will probably have this one dry cleaned, to be safe. 

Miss Vintage Punk Irregular Cut T-shirt and Casual Minimal Goth Bracelet

 I don’t often wear jeans, almost never, but every once in a while, I have a moment. This moment was paired with the Miss Vintage Punk Irregular Cut T-shirt and topped off with the Casual Minimal Goth Bracelet and some ‘mask chic’ to date the photo!

I didn’t mean for it to slip off my shoulder but that’s one style option due to it’s wide boat neck. The length of this shirt is its best feature and could be even more contrasted with some short shorts or a short skirt. The Casual Minimal Goth Bracelet adds a bold chunky cuff. The featured ring ornament on the bracelet is not a true gold or a true silver, it’s actually a very light greenish-gold tone. Because it’s an odd metal to match, I prefer to wear it without any other jewelry, which is easy because it really is enough by itself!

Miss Vintage Punk Pattern Light Pullover

 For some splashy fun, try the Miss Vintage Punk Pattern Light Pullover, available in 4 colors; Black, Caramel (featured,) White, and Olive! If one shirt could express how I feel these days, it would be this one! It goes great with these Darte Light Harem Pants, but what doesn’t? For example……

Miss Vintage Punk Basic T-shirt and Casual Minimal Goth Cross Body Cargo Belt

 The Miss Vintage Punk Basic T-shirt  (available in Black, Brown or Apricot/Taupe) shown here with the Darte Light Harem Pants and Casual Minimal Goth Cross Body Cargo Belt. It’s such a great accessory, but a few things to know…

1) Despite the name, it’s got no compartments to carry any ‘cargo,’ or if it does, I haven’t found them, but that’s OK, still love it!

2) It sits high on the waist, unless you’re extremely petite, then it might fall a bit lower.

3) The shoulder strap goes over the left shoulder.

Also included again in this look: the Casual Minimal Goth Bracelet

and our photo-bomber cat, Tofu Mochi.

(Tofu Mochi)

That should cover it!

 I hope these ideas and suggestions inspire you to think forward and plan ahead for better times. Everybody’s got their go-to thing that makes them happy when life is not going their way. My thing is clothes, and I still get really excited about my slowly growing Simple Moderne collection.

Time and patience are everything these days, but for now, be gentle with yourself and others, and stay defiantly stylish!

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