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Article: February Finale!

February Finale!

February Finale!

Hi Again! 

I haven’t blogged in a while but I’ve got some great new Simple Moderne styles to show you, and a new model to help me…my daughter, Marcie! 

Simple Moderne Street Punk High Waisted Skirt

The Simple Moderne Street Punk High Waisted Skirt  worn by Marcie features lots of mod details, like the wrapped layers, a hidden split for a leg to pop out once in a while, and one big side pocket adorned with fabric ribbons. The waist is elastic and the fabric is a tight polyester knit with some weight to it. I wear it in winter or summer. My daughter and I have different body types and it fits us both well. One thing I really love about Simple Moderne styles is that they are designed to flatter everyone. That's not easy, but they seem to have figured it out.



The Casual Minimal Goth Cross Body Cargo Belt is an accessory that I love to 'future up' any outfit. It overlaps and depends on the buckle to keep it together which is challenging, so I just pin it, then it's fine. It sits high on the waist, just under the rib cage. I wear it quite often. It gives me the feeling of a sci-fi space uniform or something. Perfect with t-shirts or a plain blouse.


Amsterdam Gypsy Oversize Parka

I knew I would like this coat, but I did not know I would LOVE this coat! The Amsterdam Gypsy Oversize Parka has become one of my all time favorite, and most worn Simple Moderne pieces! I actually use it more inside the house than outside. Whether I’m feeling a chill or maybe just a little insecure, it's like a big, cozy, wearable hug! If you do occasionally choose to venture out, the cold won’t touch you in this.


Asymmetrical High Waisted Trousers

Nothing about the Asymmetrical High Waisted Trousers makes sense. They look like a skirt but they’re not. They are designed to look a little disheveled, with a strategically misaligned waist and fabric flaps that extend beyond the shape hugging side seams as if they were supposed to be trimmed, but were forgotten. These strange elements fall together perfectly to create a very narrow silhouette like a slim pencil skirt, but with complete mobility, because they're actually pants! They’re quite comfortable too. The fabric is a bit thinner, more suited to warmer weather, but I wear them year round because I’m a rebel, like our photobombing cat.


 Simple Moderne Vintage Punk Irregular Knit 

The Simple Moderne Vintage Punk Irregular Knit adds some fun and cozy drama to any outfit.

Although it has vintage in the name, your grandma did not knit this sweater! It's been updated with some drips and drapes on one side and lots of peeks underneath intended to complement, rather than hide, a flirty undershirt. “Vintage” could be referring to the old school thickness of the knit. In this sense, it does remind me of the feel of grandma’s homemade scarves or sweaters... or maybe "vintage" refers to the classic 80’s 'cowl neck.' (?) 

So this concludes my February 2021 edition of Easy Mod!

Thanks to my talented daughter for helping me out, more of her to come!

Enjoy your 'self' and dress it well!



Hi LisaC,
Most items run true to size, so if you’re an EU14, you would be an EU14 here as well. That having been said, I would also pay attention to the design. Some styles are designed with leeway, and some with no leeway. If in doubt, you can ask for personal assistance by sending us the item you are interested in, your measurements, your regular size, and from that we could give you the best size estimate.
The quality is excellent! I am always impressed. Very durable fabrics and attention to detail.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for your question!


Hi Rachael ,
Thank you fir that little description of the SM clothes above . I am Irish and 5 ft3” height , size 14 and have often wondered if the range would suit my height !as a lot of the models are petite ?
I love the range and have not purchased yet but would like to ..
what is your opinion on the sizing ? And quality of garments please ??
Thank you
LisaC 😷

Lisa Cunningham

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