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Article: EASY MOD by Rachel Reed Fall Edition

EASY MOD by Rachel Reed Fall Edition
easy mod

EASY MOD by Rachel Reed Fall Edition

I am feeling the fall this year! Every year, really. Now that I'm in the 'Autumn' of my life, it seems more appropriate than ever. I'm going to be 57 soon, and proud to be a child of the 60's. Love, peace, and transcendence were the themes, and now we are transcending age with our cosmic consciousness, so if I can rock these styles, most certainly can you too! (FYI, my 16 year old daughter loves SM fashions too, look for her in past and upcoming blogs!)
I love to layer, and be cozy. It's hard to be cozy in a bikini. (glad that's over.) To me, nothing says sexy like burying your beautiful body under 27 layers of limited-edition, punky-chic classics from Simple Moderne! 
I'm beginning with the CASUAL MINIMAL GOTH CHIC PRINT LITE BODYCON DRESS WITH SLEEVES and the Lazy Keep Warm Chunky Candy Cardigan. It's a mouthful, I know! We like to be specific around here. 
I love both of these items. The 'Bodicon Dress With Sleeves' is actually two separate pieces. Since I forgot to demonstrate the sleeves in my official blog photos, I have included a 'just out of the shower' photo, for your amusement, and another shot of the delicate silver chain strap detail.......
This dress is lined all the way down so it's huggy, but not too clingy. Two layers really buffer the little bumps, bulges, or underwear lines you don't want showing. I love the colors, the abstract print, and the optional sleeve addition with hand graphic. Our designers love quirky details. 
The 'CHUNKY CANDY CARDIGAN' is one of my seasonal favorites already. This color just adds *pop* to everything, and it's so oversized, you can really wrap up in it. I'm sure I'm going to wear it out by season's end. 
Next, I was going to mention this rockin' 'Simple Moderne Lite Urban Irregular Design Shirt,' (below) but every time I do a blog, at least one thing goes out of stock! Let this be a gentle reminder, everything is limited edition, there could be 200 left, or 2, so if you really like it, grab it! 
and R.I.P. Levaa Maxi Punky Shirt in white.....
On to...The JULIJYTE CASUAL PUNK SHIRT, available in gray and black. This shirt can be worn 4 different ways! I usually wear it unbuttoned in the front and buttoned in the back. I'm not going to lie, I had to watch the tutorial a few times, but once I got it, I got it. I typically hate effort when it comes to style, but I will always make an exception for such an innovative design. You won't be seeing this one at the mall!
What can I say about the REVERSED PUNK MAXI SLEEVE PULLOVER? (Paired it with my DARTE LIGHT HAREM PANTS.) This is like trying to describe the indescribable but here it goes.... "A split front (and side) black sweater with 2 white asymmetric ruffles at the front hem, apron style, with white, triangle-cut-in sleeve ruffles covering the hands."
Even though black and white is usually reserved for the official, this top is just fun, especially when toned down a bit with some gray bottoms, or maybe some wide legged jeans, and casual sneakers.
If you've ever seen 'The Professional' or 'Leon,' (Euro version,) you'll understand the reference in the photos below. If you haven't seen it, do see it! 
I love the impressionistic floral print, and the length and cut of this piece. It's a sheer polyester so it's very easy care, no wrinkles. See the catalog listing for some other really creative ways to wear it.
Last but not least, the JAZZ UP CASUAL RELAXED FIT CARDIGAN with VINTAGE PUNK COMFY FIT HAREM PANTS! It's pretty much a wearable mini-blanket. I wear it all the time, with everything. In case you haven't noticed, overextended sleeves are a running theme this season, so no cold hands. I also wanted to mention that this piece appears shorter on me than in the website listing. This is most likely due to the supplier's preference of utilizing very petite models, so I always keep this in mind. I am 5' 6" or 168 cm. 
We have included additional photos in this listing, to accommodate some height and proportion differences, and will continue to do this in other listings as well.
I always say I don't like to work too hard at my style, and worse, I don't want to look like I work too hard at my style! That's why, when I first spotted Simple Moderne advertisements on social media, it was love at first sight! 
SM fashions have so much style on their own, I barely accessorize anymore, because it would only compete with all the interesting details.   
I hope this has been useful for some tips and insights from my customer's perspective. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section and we'll respond via email. 
Enjoy the season!


Love the blog! I’m gradually replacing my wardrobe thanks to Simplemoderne! It’s taken a while to find a website that I can shop on. I’m in the uk and deliveries can take a while but so worth the wait!!
I’m a quirky 59 year old still rocking a good closet! Cheers Rachel.

denise howarth

Cool look
Fun blog
I definitely enjoy dressing the “easy look”
Layers are always the go in Melbourne Australia

Rosemary Sturmey

Love this piece. I discovered SM via social media also (well done to clever algorithms for finding me!). About 2 years ago. There is something so liberating with the style of each piece, clearly great inspiration in terms of themes, but a real breath of fresh air too by not worried about conforming to the here and now! I too am now in my 50’s, although I’d hate my age to stamp a msg on this brand, I just think that I, like Rachel, remember a time when dressing up was really without strict boundaries. So finding pieces that shout “fun”, “edgy”, “sassy”, cool” and also affordable too, just ticks all the boxes for me. Read Rachel’s blog whilst wearing my first ever piece I purchased….!!

Melanie Archbould

Je fais 1,60 m. Je crains que la robe avec manches amovibles « que j’adooooore » ne soit trop longue. Est ce qu’on peut y faire un ourlet? Ou la couper…
NB vous êtes sublime Rachel 🤩🤩🤩

Sylviane Scabbio

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