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Article: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb. Spring 2021

Simple Moderne

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb. Spring 2021


Happy Spring! 

It took A LOT of coaxing to get my daughter to do this. Marcie has always been camera shy, (“Stop it Mom!”) but she has never had the typical body hang-ups of her age group. She had no interest in any modeling unless she could use it as a platform to “normalize normal.” She would much rather be acknowledged for her fashion artistry than her looks which she considers “boring.” We compromised at glamorizing normal with some fitting Simple Moderne selections!

While we’re on a glamorizing roll, I am now in my fifties and suddenly lighting has replaced makeup as my #1 beauty tool. We purchased a ring light for these photos and what a great investment that was! Unlike my badass daughter, I am much more vain and not thrilled about my Botox wearing off over the pandemic quarantine. I needed some urgent forehead photoshopping, LOL! I'm not quite as evolved as she, but I'm working on it.

We had a great time doing these shoots. We both really love the Simple Moderne style so the clothes provided plenty of inspiration. 

For instance....

Darte Light Harem Pants

I’ve featured these in my blog before, but they’re worth an encore, just to show their versatility. I’m not selling when I say that Simple Moderne clothes are designed to be flattering. This isn’t an accident. They know how to cut things to 'fall well' on a variety of shapes and sizes. In the following photos, I’m featuring my version and Marcie’s version of wearing and styling the Darte Light Harem Pants


Monochrome Chic Classic Print Pants
Casual Minimal (black) T-Shirt

I’m loving the fuller pant trend! My skinny legs have had enough of the “skinny jeans” that always made me feel a bit top heavy. I got through it, but I’m happy to now feel a bit more ‘balanced out.’ I love the flow of wide leg pants too, the way they move. 

A unique feature of the new Monochrome Chic Classic Print Pants is the metallic silver threads running through them! This was a surprise to me when I received them, but I quickly recalibrated and came up with some styles to accommodate the extra bling! Here, I am pairing them with a gray “John Scymore” T-shirt (designed by my son,) and the Casual Minimal T-shirt (in black.) On my shoulder is the Korean Punk Backpack. Unfortunately it is sold out as of this writing and will not be restocked (RIP,) but I’m sure another equally hip and mod bag will fill it’s place before soon.


Caramel Selection Pleated Vanilla Dress

Just like March, Marcie is 'out like a lamb' in our most feminine and ‘summer-forward’ selection, the Carmel Selection Pleated Vanilla Dress. It doesn’t just look great and fit great, it also feels great. It features many layers, and unusual details. The back is every bit as gorgeous as the front. 

So this concludes the Spring 2021 edition!

It was a joy working with my daughter and the message here is “Real” is the new “Hot.” If there’s something you think you can’t wear, or shouldn’t wear, that’s probably exactly what you should wear! If it excites you or makes you a little nervous, that’s GOOD. Don’t wait until you lose weight to get that thing you love. Get it in your size, it can always be altered. Fashion isn't a reward for good behavior, it's an art form, an outer expression of an inner state, so enjoy your ‘self’ and always dress to express!


Love this! The photos are fantastic and the clothes look great on both mom and daughter. The personal touch on the narrative is sweet – love the personal touch!

P.S. I think I need one of those ring lights!

Tim Toy

I LOVE that whits dress ~~ Its like a cloud. I, afraid it would be far too young for me!! So delightful!!!


You two look marvelous.


You guys rock these clothes!

Paula Measner

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