International Clothing Size Guide

Welcome to Simple Moderne! All our items are supplied with an international clothing conversion, indicating size applicability for customers from Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Australia. 

For example, you might find size variant: S/EU36/UK8/US4/AU8. This means, that our seize S will fit someone wearing European size 36, United Kingdom 8, United States 4, Australian 8.
Note that our Australian  (and New Zealand) conversion is matching conversion for United Kingdom and might be omitted for some products.

Choose your own size as indicated in given conversion according to your region and you will be good to go!


Please be advised that your item(s) might arrive without a standard size & care label. As we work with international producers and serve international customers we want to unify and standardize size & care labeling for all customers regardless their location and therefore opt for an E-label. Each product you will view will contain an E-label including Product Measurement part & our Care Recommendations. Please consult this E-label before placing your order!

Product Measurements

Each product at Simple Moderne is supplied with Measurement Table which contains all standard/relevant PRODUCT measurements in cm and inch. Please note that these are not your body measurements! Consult our product measurement table to make sure you that will have a desired look!

How We Measure Products

International Size Conversions

Product measurements will differ from your body measurements. Based on clothing style (normal, oversized) product measurements will be at least 1-2 cm (0.5 inch) bigger than your body measurements. We recommend choosing your size based on our size conversion. In the table below, you will find standard international size conversions  with applicable body measurements. Consult this table, if you are not sure which size region to refer to. 

Use our size tips or size recommender

Where we deem necessary, we present size tips that can help you to orient whilst choosing your size. For critical measurements we might add SIZE RECOMMENDER option. Critical are those measurements that strongly influence clothing fit. For example:a skit that has not stretch in waistline. In this case you can enter your waist measurements into our SIZE RECOMMENDER and get our recommendation which size to choose!

One Size Items

Simple Moderne styles are based on asymmetrical cuts and oversized look. Quite a few our items are One/Free Size. In such cases we will present our size recommendations. Additionally, we recommend customers to consult product measurement table.

Each Look is Different!

Our models demonstrate standard size for women up to 1.7 m (5.57 ft.), featuring sizes S-M. It is advisable to consider that each look is different, depending on your shape and figure. If you are somewhat unsure about how an item will fit you, please consult our measurement chart or contact us for assistance via: