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Article: Romantic Casual Minimal Goth Dress

Romantic Casual Minimal Goth Dress

Romantic Casual Minimal Goth Dress

By: Sally Mo  

Healthy food lover & maker. Free time fashionista. Yogi. Mother to a lovely boy. Traveler at heart ❤️

I am not a Goth, I am Goth inspired...

The typical Simple Moderne style does not claim to be either goth or punk per se, it is rather goth & punk inspired, combining extravagant elements of both trends into styles perfectly suitable for casual wear.

Like most of Simple Moderne customers, I love wearing clothes that are really different from others, not mass produced, unique and adding attitude to my wardrobe. I tend to look if pieces can be worn in many different ways and if they will last long in my wardrobe. I dare to experiment with different forms and shapes, yet not so much with colors as I simply love black! If you are like me, then please join me on this journey and learn more about Simple Moderne and their lovely gothy/punky inspired styles. In collaboration with Simple Moderne, I will review a new style every week and describe how it truly feels to wear it, what accessories would fit the best and, most importantly, look into sizing, fit & styling!

To start, a little something about me: I am 1.7m (5,57 ft) tall, weight - 65kg (143,3 pounds). Standard size European M (EU38/UK10/US6), not the perfect figure, but a figure I own & love! With that out of the way, I will now take you into my first Simple Moderne apparel review.

Goth Inspired Skirt & Dress - Shirt Set

This is one of my favorite styles from Simple Moderne! It comes as a two piece combo: the asymmetrical cut shirt-dress together with a lush, layered skirt. 

The shirt-dress is made from soft cotton with a buttoned up top part. It is asymmetrical in length- a shorter front with a longer back. It comes with an attached quite long belt which can be laced in different ways. With a comfortable length it can be worn on it's own (without a skirt!). 

The skirt is quite voluminous, made of multiple cotton & polyester layers with a lace layer on top. The vintage white skirt is quite heavy! It is meant to make this combination look lush & gothy. As much as I'd wear the shirt-dress, I am not sure if I would wear this skirt on it's own. Yet the combination of these two items is truly exceptional and quite extraordinary, to be sure!

How do I feel wearing this style?

Honestly, this will not be my daily attire, but I definitely would wear this combination to a party. The ensemble looks and feels baroque exuberant, yet is very comfortable to wear. It did not obstruct my movements at all, even though some serious hi-end twirling went into the making of these photos! 

Despite the skirt being lush and wide, the total outfit felt airy, light and free.  I would certainly wear the shirt-dress on its own as my casual at-work style or for going out!

Was the size right for me?

I was trying size M/EU38/UK10/US6 and the combo felt true to size and comfortable. 

I did not feel like needing a bigger size. The skirt has an elasticated empire waistline and it does not crawl up while moving. The shirt-dress was good on me, yet it does not have any elasticity or stretch (as it is made from cotton) so those needing more room around the chest area can easily go one size up!

How I styled it?

It is a gorgeous, yet simple piece that does not need much styling! I was wearing this with Simple Moderne Maxxi Punk Ankle Booties, yet any black flats would do fine as well! 

I wore vintage finish golden accessories & my favorite mini chic Simple Moderne Bag. Although the combination can stand on it's own, I felt that adding some golden accessory would nicely complement with the vintage ivory tinted skirt.

As I'd recommend...

Choose this lovely set if you are looking for a uniquely designed, yet natural feeling style. It is a multi functional, easy and a pleasing dress-up. True to size, a comfortable fit and an eye turning look. Sure you will enjoy this extraordinary style as much as I do!

Rock your gothy look with this lush dress-shirt & layered skirt set!


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Mi piace molto il vostro brand ma parlo italiano . È possibile traduzione in italiano?


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