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Article: Perfect Accessories for your Casual Punk Style

Perfect Accessories for your Casual Punk Style

Perfect Accessories for your Casual Punk Style

Accessories are the little details that really matter! Without them your style might look incomplete or lack just that dash of attitude. Yet overdosing on your add-ons can make you look like an over populated Christmas tree, clearly missing the objective.

So what are golden rules for choosing the right accessories to just slightly but effectively emphasize on your style? What is the right amount and why? Read on for our take on this and get inspired!

Less is more

 If you do not really aim to rehash true punk style (featuring copious amount of piercings, rings and rivets), we can with certainty affirm the following:

 "Skimping on some accessories will put focus on your entire outfit, not onto mere eye catching details." 

We generally advise that less is more. Choose little details that complement each other or that will blend your entire style into one.

 For example:

Where you would normally wear a necklace with matching bracelets, complementary earrings and bespoke ring set(s), consider combining only two or at most three matching elements instead. You will certainly create a more evident and integrated look, allowing others to actually notice your style. 


Irregular Shape Bags

Whether you wish to stand out from the crowd or just enjoy being your unique self, you can't express any better than with an irregular shape/color bag. For a casual punky look, we would go for a maxi leather shopper with oversized pockets, slightly sprinkled with rivets for that necessary edge. Or we would toss a cube shape mini shoulder bag for an evening look. Here at Simple Moderne we are in love with the bags inspired by our favorite stuffed toys (bears & rabbits). Great to wear and cuddle. Or you can just punch it!

3. Belt bags

Those lovely belt bags dominate the world of accessories. They come in a dazzling variety of shapes and colors and can be adopted by virtually any kind of style. Next to being quite functional for storing your small but important belongings, belt bags can nicely highlight your style. Wrap them around your favorite dress and put on those boots for a cowgirly look, or slip on your favorite cardigan and take that trendy belt bag to a lovely coffee outing with a friend!

At Simple Moderne we go for round or square belt bags in either classical black uni color or covered in current trending catchy leopard or snake prints.

3. A Hat is a MUST have!


4. Oversized Print Scarf

6. Chunky Loafers

Yes we know, shoes are not considered accessories, but they certainly can become rulers of the game if you choose wisely! 

We are ever so in love with Dr. Martens' shoes. They mix darn well with our comfy causal punk styles. Yet we wanted to go beyond that looking for something edgier and here they are: Round toed, vintage flavored chunky loafers, handmade beauty with a high fun factor. Daring innit?


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