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Artikel: Amsterdam Punk Wrap In Coat and Punky Overcoat

Amsterdam Punk Wrap In Coat and Punky Overcoat

Amsterdam Punk Wrap In Coat and Punky Overcoat

By:  Rachel Reed


My name is Rachel. I am an artist and mom from Detroit, MI. USA, and a frequent Simple Moderne customer for some time. 

Simple Moderne is a fashion retailer with an artist's aesthetic. That's what woke me up one day as I was scrolling through social media and ran across an ad. It was ❤ at first sight! I loved how they played with fit and form and created some pretty unusual shapes and silhouettes. Lots of drapey, capey, poofy, sleek and sculpted styles. I wanted everything but had to take it slow. I was really happy with my growing collection and then winter came with a dilemma. I realized that standard coats were not accommodating all of my funky, punky new shapes, particularly the sleeves. What to do? 🤔🤔🤔

Simple Moderne Amsterdam Punk Wrap In Coat !!!

How to make the Amsterdam Punk Wrap In Coat work in cool- to cold- to punking cold weather.

This coat, on it's own, or combined with the Punky Overcoat, solved all my winter problems. I didn't expect it to. When I received it, it was extremely light weight, and surprisingly warm, but maybe more of a fall coat. As the season wore on, I realized it accommodated every shape and sleeve I had, even bat wings, and I loved how the 3/4 length sleeve would reveal an interesting sleeve underneath, so I started really working this aspect. If the sleeve underneath was shorter, I would add a long glove for coverage or warmth if needed. I could also layer pieces underneath for more warmth or even....on top! 

Punky Overcoat !!!

What the punk?

This is such a cool and versatile piece, I got it in both Office Black and Olive green. It is also available in Petroleum (a dark turquoise) or Red Passion.

I wore this over bulky sweaters in the fall, instead of a fall jacket, and over my Amsterdam Punk Wrap In Coat in the winter, for added warmth. I love both the black on black combination or the olive on black for striking color. Add some gloves and a hat, and you're going to be pretty cozy, even in the punking cold temps!

A thing I should mention though, it's not a rain coat, or even a heavy snow coat. It is water resistant, but not water proof. I learned this the hard way in a down pour. It will eventually soak through, although it takes a lot.

I can't even say how many compliments I get on both of these pieces, but especially the coat! Everyone loves 'the kimono coat,' and they should! It's great! Both items are one size fits all for every body. 

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Special credits to Greg Holden Regan for beautiful backing art.

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Excellent Write-up & Description! Only wish they had cool Mens line too! 👍😎. Great job Rachel !

Chet Allan Skubis

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