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COVID-19 Policy and Considerations

More than ever, we want you to feel good about yourselves and we try to give you the utmost care we can in these troubled times. A lot of things may be beyond our control, but you are in good hands, as always!

We are here for our customers with e-mail support as well as through our social media channels. We are currently also available to reach out to during the weekend. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Unfortunately, due to increased international phone spam and -scam attempts, we currently do not support our customers via phone.

COVID-19 Considerations:

Although things are definitely moving up, we may still experience delivery delays at the moment, mainly due to limited flights, social distancing requirements and increased parcel volumes. Because of this, we are doing our utmost to provide you with the best  information possible. At the moment we will only give time line indications and can not yet really commit to actual delivery dates, for both free and expedited shipping. We do notice a slow but steady return to more regular delivery times however and, to date, almost all delayed parcels have been delivered already.

Each product at Simple Moderne comes with an estimated delivery timeline, presented just below the ADD TO CART button. As explained, this information is currently dynamic, it differs per country and is being updated based on the most recent information provided by our partner shippers.

Local Situations

For some countries, IN TRANSIT times may be longer due to limited numbers of shipments going in and out. This may mean that parcels posted via either regular or expedited mail may experience delay while in transit. The status IN TRANSIT means that parcels are waiting to be flown over to the country of destination, or are already with local customs for further processing. While parcels are in TRANSIT, shipment updates will be frozen until parcels are handed over to the local courier. Please understand that, when a parcel is IN TRANSIT, we will not be able to supply you with more relevant information, as there is none, so at this time we would just hope for your kind patience. Tracking updates will resume directly after customs clearance and handover to the local courier. While IN TRANSIT, your parcel is not lost or missing, just in line for further processing.

99% Success Rate

Fortunately, around 99% of our shipments safely reach our customers. Hence, with some longer waiting times, we kindly ask for your understanding and, moreover, for your patience! As always, in case of actual FAILED OR LOST deliveries you are fully covered with us. Your ORDER STATUS on our website will clearly indicate if a delivery has actually failed. 


Our team is working very hard to support all customers, especially those affected by longer delivery times. If your order is longer in transit or tracking does not update regularly, we kindly ask for your patience. We will investigate all  inquiries, but as you may understand, we do not want to overwhelm our already overly busy shipping partners with extra work. We kindly ask you for your collaboration on this. When making your purchase, please be mindful hat shipments may take longer than usual. As mentioned before, together with the product description, the most updated expected delivery timeline for each product is displayed on our website.

COVID-19 and Return Procedures

Formal registration of Returns may take longer than usual, due to longer mail in times. Please do not worry, your returns will be treated as normal, but processing times may take longer due to local circumstances.

Order Cancellations

By default, order cancellations will not be accepted when a parcel is already posted and on the way. For an order to be cancelled, this has to be requested within 24 hours of order placement.

In some exceptionally long spanning cases we may refund ahead of actual delivery. 

Securing Parcels

Each parcel is packed as compact as possible and treated with disinfectant spray before hand over to the shipping company. We highly recommend to wash your clothes as instructed in our Care Recommendations before long term wearing, to avoid any possible unpleasant smell or feel of used disinfectant. Items washed can of course no longer be returned. Please see our Return Policy for standard return conditions!

We also recommend to directly dispose of any packaging and to wash/sanitize your hands immediately after. 

We want to thank you for your attention to this and genuinely hope we will keep outfitting you with our awesome collections :) Good health to you!

Safety and Simple Moderne

Our team is remotely dispersed, working from home with little exposure to outside influences. We are all safe and in good health! 

Our production and shipping partners operate and adjust based on their local official COVID-19 regulations.