September Fashion Trends

Autumn is our our favorite season here at Simple Moderne. New beginnings, new aspirations and certainly the right time for a proper wardrobe upgrade! Have you selected your favorite items for a new season? We have and here we would like to share with you some gorgeous style inspirations put together by our creative team.


What can be better for a soft to touch natural textile garment warped around your body, creating subtle casual punk style? Designing our collection we choose items made from velvet in its most earthy tones to re-create the feel of vintage, yet transpire the playful bohemian spirit.

Oversized, asymmetrical velvety blouse can we worn as a dress or as a shirt - up to you! With an appropriate mix of accessories one simple garment can acquire many interesting & stylish faces. Which one is going to be yours? 

Autumn is a season of many colours. Stay close to nature with your conscious choice of earthy tones and tints. We vote for MOSS GREEN. Unlike with other colours the tints of moss green can be worn together in one combination.

Velvet - Suede - Leather - Metal all in moss green can be worn separately or together! The tints acquired from different materials will complement each other. Choosing accessories you can add vintage gold or silver to complement your style. Moss green looks well combined with other early tones, our preference is light brown/gold.


Choose warm earthy tones this autumn and you can never go wrong! Naturally earthy tones breath vintage. You can bravery add chunky bohemian accessories for more playful look or vintage print bag with red undertones for a more classical vintage style. Choose comfortable suede boots on platforms to complement your unique style!



Vintage print oversized cardigan is a MUST have in every true bohemian's wardrobe! Choose for natural material - cotton or wool. We recommend, vintage red print featuring a tint  - between red wine and burgundy for exclusive look and easy match with your casual jeans and almost any type of chunky boots! 

We hope you will get some ideas for your wardrobe and if not, please feel free to submit your request for our FREE STYLE ADVICE and we will make sure to inspire you!

Wishing you best BOHO Autumn!

Sandra Eva

Simple Moderne Team