Magic Red

Red is a colour of passion, self-awareness and confidence. If you choose red for your clothing and accessories, unconsciously you exhibit your courage and strength to other people. Yet it is not easy to mix and match red as too much red can "kill it". In this post we wanted to put some ideas together on how to wear red clothing staying elegant, in the spot of attention, but not intrusive!

Returning Red

To create an unique style with a red item it is quite easy. The golden rule here  - Do not overdose! We recommend choosing one main item in red and allow red to come back through one of the accessories. Do don't mix different tints of red as they hardly ever look good together. 

For this particular example we choose Mini Vintage Dress - Red Punk with light blue embroidery. We paired this gorgeous dress with golden accessories bringing back light blue, then we choose chunky black summer boots and a little envelope type vintage bag. The red, sky blue and even red came back through the bag connecting all elements into one unity. 



 If you decided to express your passion and confidence via maxi red dress, that's one of the best choices you can make. To make it really shine all you need is chunky accessories, lace-up pumps/sandals and a small shoulder bag with a dash of red. We do not recommend adding more red, as one maxi item is already enough!

For this example, we chose maxi vintage dress, vintage silver coated bohemian choker and a noa style handmade shoulder bag. We paired this combination with a nude colour open laced-up sandals for complete combination. Adorable isn't it?



 Finally, if you are looking just to brighten up your style, you can go for a dash of red option, choosing to wear only one red element from the entire outfit. We love black and red combination. By itself black can be quite boring, but if you add just a dash of red, you will get a completely new look. Try this: Oversized casual bohemian dress - midi length, with red bohemian style summer boots, chunky vintage silver accessories and a simple tassel decorated mini shoulder bag. Lovely and simple combination.

We hope you these little tips will help you to re-define your wardrobe and confidence and if not feel free to submit your FREE STYLE ADVICE request for our team! We are here to help!


Author: Sandra Eva

Simple Moderne Team!