Bohemian Accessories

Boho-chic style is rocking the fashion world for the last couple of years. In fact it has became an ever-lasting trend that with some minor changes can be worn at all times and almost in all situations. 

In the world of boho-chic, accessories and details take the main part of this look. Chunky, colorful and made from natural materials. These are the bohemian accessory trends we will see among most of the trendy fashion shops. This huge demand for bohemian fashion has resulted into massive production with cheap materials so be careful and picky what you buy as less is definitely more in this case. 

Simple Moderne suggest a blend of styles boho plus vintage and offers a wide range of bohemian jewelry that is both tasteful and modern.

Natural Stones

Natural stones incorporated in rings, bracelets and necklaces is the main bohemian accessory trend. Gemstones like Opal and Amethyst offer variety of colours. Their non-even surface vibrates vintage energy.  Gemstones are famous because of their healing powers. Well combined gemstones might have calming/energizing./protecting powers. For your perfect bohemian look you might as many rings as you like. true bohemian would choose to wear a set of rings on all fingers. In such sets the rings would differ in their intensity. Thus, smaller elements mixed with larger to create unity. You can either choose the set made from 925 silver, or 925 silver plated. The difference obviously will be in price! Here are some examples of bohemian ring sets sold by Simple Moderne:

Berry Bohemian Ring Set - price 9.5 Eur

Note: This set is available in vintage silver or vintage bronze colours.

Blue Punk - price  - 17.40 EUR

Baltas Turkis Bohemian Ring Set - 19.00 EUR Sale price 14.00 EUR

The same principle applies to bohemian earrings, they can come with natural stones, chunky and combining extraordinary geometrical shapes. 

Junda Bohemian Earrings 19.00 EUR Sale price 14.00 EUR

Moreover, the most recent bohemian trend combines even the most unpredictable materials such as cotton and metal!

Cloe Bohemian Earrings -  price 19.00 EUR Sale price 14.00 EUR

We hope you will enjoy your bohemian accessories!

Prepare by Simple Moderne